Daniel Hill-McManus

Email: d.mcmanus@bangor.ac.uk
Phone: +44(0)1248 388745


Dan completed a BSc in theoretical physics at Edinburgh University in 2009, and afterwards spent a short time working in the private sector as a risk analyst conducting safety studies of oil and gas installations. He was a research associate for over four year at the School of Health and Related Research where he was a member of the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group, working on many projects in the area of alcohol and public health.

These included studies of the potential impact of pricing policies for alcohol for the English and Scottish governments and working with Public Health England on the design of specialist services to treat people with alcohol dependence.

Dan is currently a PhD researcher whose work is in linking pharmacometric and health economic modelling in order to support decision making in clinical drug development. He started his PhD studentship at the Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation (CHEME) in November 2015.

The three year PhD studentship is funded by the Medical Research Council’s Network of Hubs for Trials Methodology Research (HTMR) and is supervised by Professor Dyfrig Hughes (Bangor) and Dr Steven Lane (Liverpool).


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