Health Economics for Public Health Practice & Research

2 day short course at Bangor University

19-21 MARCH 2018

Building on 20 years of our experience in teaching health economics to public health practitioners and those undertaking research in public health. At the end of this short course delegates will have gained an appreciation of the concepts, methods and application of health economics to public health, be able to critically appraise a published economic evaluation of a public health intervention and feel confident in speaking about potential return on investment from public health programmes in the NHS and other settings such as schools and work places.

Who is this course for?

Public Health Practitioners, Health Economists, Nurses, Other Health Care Professionals, Local Authority and Third Sector Staff Interested in Public Health, and Health and Social Care Researchers.

We will cover:

Public Health Preventative Strategies

An Overview of Health Economics and Economic Evaluation

Challenges of Applying Health Economics to the Public Health

How we can use RCTs in the Economic Evaluation of Public Health Interventions

Decision Modelling in Public Health

Decision Modelling in Public Health (introductory session and advanced session)

Cost-Benefit Analysis in Public Health

Social Return on Investment (SROI)

Programme Budgeting Marginal Analysis (PBMA)

Valuing Nature in Public Health and the Circular Economy