Emily Holmes


Emily Holmes (Fargher) is a Research Fellow in Pharmacoeconomics at the Centre for Health Economics & Medicines Evaluation at Bangor University. Her principal research interests are the economics of adherence to medications and valuing preferences for health and social care. She is an Economics graduate of the University of Liverpool, where she developed her interest in health economics.  Upon graduating she completed a Training Fellowship in Health Economics at the University of Manchester, and gained an MSc Health Economics and Health Policy at the University of Birmingham. Prior to taking up her post at CHEME she was a Research Associate at the North West Genetics Knowledge Park and Module Leader for Health Economics on the MPHe at the University of Manchester.   

Emily joined CHEME in 2008 to work on an economic evaluation of pharmacogenetic testing for irinotecan.  She currently works on an EC funded project of adherence to medications (ABC), and a study of patient preferences and priorities for treatment options and outcomes in Epilepsy. Emily is also co-investigator on a NISCHR funded study of service user preferences for stroke services; and a staff PhD candidate.  She has ten years research experience, supports teaching activities within the department, and has published papers on: the economic evaluation of shared care; the current use of pharmacogenetics in the UK; and, patients’ and healthcare professionals’ preferences for new and existing health technologies. 

Publications (inc. Authors, title, journal, etc)

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Published Letters

Holmes EAF, Plumpton C, Duerden M, Marson A, Hughes D.  Antiepileptic drugs:  new advice on switching between different manufacturers’ products.  BMJ Rapid Response 2013, 22 November 2013. 

Fargher EA, Hughes DA.  Involving colleagues can be challenging.  The Pharmaceutical Journal.  2 April 2011 (Vol 286).

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Other Reports

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