James Burrows


James is a staff member working in the University’s business and project management function, therefore working on his PhD part-time. He holds an MSc in Energy, Trade and Finance from Cass Business School in London and a BSc in Business Economics from Buckingham. Prior to working at the University, he worked as a an Analyst for a small firm in the Private Equity and Venture Capital Industry in London, after completing three years in the U.S. Air Force as an Aircraft Avionics Engineer and Cadet at the prestigious Air Force Academy in Colorado.

James’ PhD focuses on developing a Pay for Performance model in Elective Orthopaedics, linking health outcomes and financial management. As part of this, he is currently Chief Investigator for a 2,000 patient Cohort Study at Gwynedd Hospital, collecting outcomes data from Orthopaedic patients. James has written a number of papers and is due to publish elements of his PhD in Spring 2013. In future years, he hopes to apply the skills that he has learned through his studies in more high-level health economic projects, as well as expanding his knowledge of Epidemiology; another key area of research interest.

In his spare time, James likes to travel, snowboard, and taste new foods. He is also a qualified pilot and scratch golfer.