Early Lung Cancer Identification and Diagnosis (ELCID)


Cancer Research UK: National Awareness and Early Detection Initiative (NAEDI)



Registration number

Clinicaltrials.gov number: NCT01344005

Collaborating Investigators/Institutions:

Professor Richard Neal; North Wales Centre for Primary Care Research, Bangor University.

Project Summary

This is a feasibility randomised controlled trial looking at the effect on lung cancer diagnosis of giving urgent chest x-ray to smokers, and recent smokers, aged over 60 with chest symptoms. This study is supported by Cancer Research UK as part of the National Awareness and Early Detection Initiative (NAEDI). NICE guidelines recommended that GPs should refer their patients to have an urgent chest x-ray if they have had certain symptoms for more than 3 weeks. In this feasibility trial, researchers want to find out if people who are at higher risk of getting lung cancer should have an urgent chest X-ray even if they’ve had symptoms for less than 3 weeks. The primary aims of this study are to see if people are willing to take part in a trial looking at this, find out how many people go to their GP with symptoms they have had for less than 3 weeks and see how many of those people are diagnosed with lung cancer.