Our Services

The Social Value Hub at CHEME can help you measure your social value and demonstrate your impact more clearly to others.  Here's what we can offer:

Introduction to Social Value and Social Return on Investment

A practical half-day workshop which provides an introduction to social value, tailored to your organisation. This workshop enables your team to learn the practical knowledge and skills to start measuring social value in your organisation and calculating a SROI ratio.

SROI Analysis

We can help you measure your social impact by applying the six-stage process of SROI analysis. With extensive experience in qualitative and quantitative data analysis, we can help you to identify, measure, and value the important outcomes experienced by your stakeholders.

We will support you at every stage of the social value process, from design and planning to implementing and evaluating. Measuring the social value created by your activities and programmes can help strengthen your funding applications and can offer practical insights into how to maximise your organisation's social impact in the future.

To cost your analysis or to book training please contact us.