Catrin Plumpton

Image of Catrin PlumptonCatrin is a Research Fellow in pharmacoeconomics at the Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation, with a background in mathematics and computing. Her main research focus and interests include cost effectiveness modelling and methodology. Catrin holds an MMath degree and an MSc in Computer Systems from the University of Wales, Bangor, and completed her PhD on classification methods for fMRI data in 2011.

Catrin joined CHEME in 2010 as a Research Officer in Medical Statistics. Initial projects were the European funded FP7 adherence to medications ‘ABC’ project where she was responsible for developing methodology to handle missing survey data, and a discrete choice experiment study of preferences for Stroke services in North Wales. Since then Catrin has worked on several economic modelling projects in the area of Epilepsy, including models of pharmacogenetic testing prior to initiation of Carbamazepine, of an adherence enhancing intervention, and of generic versus branded prescribing. As part of her work on epilepsy Catrin also works on the Standard and New Antiepileptic Drug 2 (SANAD2) randomised controlled trial. Catrin provides support and advice to other team members on statistical and methodological aspects of their projects, and is a health economics frontline advisor to the North West Research Design Service (RDS-NW).

Journal Publications

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Published abstracts and proceedings

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Invited talks

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