The Welsh Health Economic Support Service (WHESS) is funded by Health and Care Research Wales to support health and social care research across Wales.

WHESS supports research and improves decision making in health and social care in Wales by providing health economic support at the early conceptual stages of proposal planning, in research funding applications, research practice and in the dissemination of information.

How we can help you?                      

By supporting academic health researchers, NHS and social care researchers and local authorities in Wales we provide health economics support relating to all aspects of research including:

  • The early formulation of research ideas
  • Study development
  • Collaboration on the study
  • Contributing to the impact studies have on health policy and service delivery
  • Publishing and disseminating the results

Contact us:

WHESS Director & North Wales     Rhiannon Tudor Edwards                

Email: r.t.edwards@bangor.ac.uk      Tel: (01248) 383712/ 07799 460347

South West Wales                            Pippa Anderson                           

Email: p.anderson@swansea.ac.uk    Tel: (01792) 518577

South East Wales                                 Deborah Fitzsimmons

Email: d.fitzsimmons@swansea.ac.uk       Tel: (01792) 602226

Links: http://www.healthandcareresearch.gov.wales/welsh-health-economics-support-service/