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“Small is Beautiful” as the principle for recognising and mitigating economic and population health challenges of climate change here in Wales

Authors: Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Kalpa Pisavadia and Sofie Roberts.

posted: 16/02/24

Social care workforce shortage in the UK: why investing now is essential for our well-becoming

Authors: Kalpa Pisavadia and Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

posted: 07/12/22

The Well-becoming of all: Levelling Up and Mitigating the Inverse Care Law

Authors: Kalpa Pisavadia, Abraham Makanjuola, Jacob Davies, Llinos Haf Spencer, Annie Hendry and Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

Posted: Friday 5th August 2022

Well-becoming and waiting lists: UK and Australia

Authors: Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Jacob Davies and Steve Robson

Posted: Tuesday 10th May 2022

Well-being and well-becoming of family carers of people living with rare dementias: Capturing the costs, effectiveness and wider social value of support groups

Rhiannon Tudor Edwards and Bethany Anthony

Posted: Friday 11th March 2022

Well-Becoming Wales: Health Economics and the Choices Ahead Post-Pandemic 

Rhiannon Tudor Edwards

Posted: Friday 11th February 2022