Cost-Effectiveness of Parenting Programmes and Classroom Based Interventions to Improve Child Behaviour

Funder: Birmingham City Council


Collaborating Investigators/Institutions:Dr Vashti Berry, The Social Research Unit, Dartington; Dr Tracey Bywater, School of Psychology, Bangor University; Pat Linck & Professor Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Centre for Economics and Policy in Health (CEPhI), Institute of Medical and Social Care (IMSCaR), Bangor University


Project Summary: Dartington Social Research Unit (SRU) and CHEME are evaluating 3 behavioural interventions, Incredible Years (IY), Triple P and PATHS, 2 parenting programmes and one school-based thinking skills programme.  The evaluation consists of 3 separate randomised controlled trials and will establish the  effectiveness and cost effectiveness of the 3 programmes. The programmes were delivered during 2010.