Nathan Bray


Dr Nathan Bray studied Psychology at the University of Liverpool. After graduating in 2007 he trained as a Pharmacy Technician and later moved into clinical research with the NISCHR CRC North Wales Research Network. He has a Masters degree in Public Health and Health Promotion from Bangor University. In 2015 Nathan completed a NISCHR funded PhD Studentship in Health Economics. His Doctoral research applied methods of economic evaluation to assistive mobility technologies for disabled children, with particular focus on utility measurement. 

Nathan now works as a Research Fellow for Bangor University’s Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation. His research focuses on applying methods of economic evaluation to disability and assistive technology. In 2016 Nathan was awarded a post-doctoral fellowship by Health and Care Research Wales. Nathan’s fellowship research project, called MobQoL, will use qualitative and quantitative research methods to develop a new preference-based instrument for measuring the quality of life of people who use wheelchairs and mobility aids. The MobQoL project is funded by the Welsh Government through Health and Care Research Wales.  

In 2016 Nathan was co-applicant on a successful Horizon 2020 Fast Track to Innovation grant application. This European project, led by Otivio AS in Norway, will explore the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the FlowOx treatment system for peripheral arterial disease symptoms. Nathan is also leading an NIHR HTA funded evidence synthesis project, titled EMPoWER, which will examine the cost-effectiveness of powered wheelchair provision for very young children. 

Nathan recently led the development of the Wheelchair outcomes Assessment Tool for Children (WATCh), which is a patient-centred outcome measure designed for paediatric wheelchair services. The WATCh tool is free to use and can be accessed via the WATCh website.

Nathan is an Associate Editor for the British Journal of Dermatology and is co-chair of the Comparative Effectiveness Research working group led by the International Society of Wheelchair Professionals.

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