National Institute for Health Research, Research Design Service (North West of England).

Funder: NIHR


Collaborating Investigators/Institutions: Jennie Popay [PI] Lancaster University, Sara Mallinson Lancaster University, Mark Gabbay University of Liverpool, Andy Vail University of Manchester, Peter Diggle Lancaster University, Catherine Gedling Lancaster University / East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, Ann Jacoby University of Liverpool, Anthony Marson University of Liverpool, Sarah Peters University of Manchester, Matt Sutton University of Manchester, Margaret Whitehead University of Liverpool, Paula Williamson University of Liverpool

Project Summary: The North West Research Design Service (RDS) aims to: increase the number of successful proposals for funding for health research originating in the NW; support the region’s applied health research community and contribute to the national strategy for health and social care research. The objectives are to (i) establish systems for the management and governance of the service; (ii) deliver a comprehensive, consistent service across the region; (iii) develop new research collaborations; (iv) contribute to enhanced patient and public involvement in research; (v) deliver workshops to inform people about funding sources and issues in research design; (vi) develop and implement an effective communication and information strategy; (vii) monitor and evaluate service performance; and (viii) support the NIHR and collaborate with other regional RDSs