UMAA-LD: Using Mindfulness for Anger and Aggressive Behaviour with people with Learning Disabilities



Collaborating Investigators/Institutions:

Professor Robert Jones, Bangor University

Professor Richard Hastings (Warwick University)

Dr Judith Roberts (Bangor University)

Dr Gemma Griffith, Dr Rebecca Crane (CMRP, Bangor University)

Dr Jonathan Williams (BCUHB)

Dr Zoe Hoare (NWORTH, Bangor University)

Project Summary

This funded NISCHR project aims to pilot the Soles of the Feet (SoF) Mindfulness intervention in a sample of 20 adults with learning disabilities (LD) who have been referred for difficulty with anger control. Soles of the Feet (SoF) is a one to one therapy, which involves teaching the individual to direct their attention to a neutral part of the body (the soles of the feet) in order to help them be able to self-manage anger and eliminate aggressive behaviours. 

The main objective of the project is to assess feasibility of the intervention, outcome measures and to inform the protocol for a future Randomised Controlled Trial.