The p-EVES Study: The effectiveness of portable electronic vision enhancement systems (EVES) in comparison to optical magnifiers for near vision activities in visual impairment


NIHR Central Commissioning Facility


Registration number NCT01701700

Collaborating Investigators/Institutions:

Prof. Christine Dickinson, University of Manchester

Project Summary

This prospective definitive study is a two-arm randomised cross-over study to determine the effectiveness and acceptability of portable Electronic Vision Enhancement System (p-EVES) devices and conventional optical low vision aids (LVAs) for near tasks. Participants are adults who have a visual impairment secondary to a stable ocular pathology and currently possess a near vision optical magnifying device. 2 interventions are being used: Intervention A is a two month period with conventional optical devices and Intervention B is a two month period with the conventional optical devices and the p-EVES. Group one will receive the two interventions A and B in the order AB, while Group two will receive the interventions in the order BA. The primary outcome measures are “usage” of devices and reading speed measured using the The MNRead test. From a health economics perspective, we will examine the incremental cost-effectiveness of the p-EVES low vision aid compared to conventional LVAs.