Wellbeing, health and fitness of children with mobility impairments (Well MI); Scoping and development of individually tailored child-centred ‘keep-fit’ interventions


NISCHR CRC Research Funding Scheme: Health Award



Collaborating Investigators/Institutions:

Dr. Thomas D. O’Brien, Liverpool John Moores University; Prof. Jane Noyes, Bangor University

Project Summary

Children with mobility impairments typically have low activity levels and are more likely to be obese and develop type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life. The Well MI study aims establish children's perspectives and needs in order to develop individually tailored, child-centred and fun keep fit interventions to improve the wellbeing, health and fitness of children with mobility impairments. Qualitative interviews were used to identify important outcomes for children with mobility impairments and their families; develop assessment methods; and explore preferences for exercise (e.g. motivation, location, duration, individual/group, music). Individual/condition-specific cases will be examined using baseline data to develop fun child-centred activities. At completion, a protocol for a pilot trial to test individually-tailored interventions and assess cost-effectiveness, will be designed.