Improving the housing stock of Anglesey & Gwynedd: a Health Economics and Behavioural Psychology evaluation: A PhD Project

PhD Student

Eira Winrow


National Institute for Social Care & Health Research (NISCHR)

Project Summary

This is a three year studentship funded by the National Institute for Social Care & Health Research (NISCHR), and is supervised by Prof. Rhiannon Tudor Edwards, Dr. John Parkinson and Dr. Joanna Charles.
Cold homes substantially increase risk of respiratory and cardiovascular conditions. Approximately 40'000 more deaths occur in the UK during the coldest months of the year compared to warmer months. It is estimated that at least £600 million is spent each year by the NHS treating ill health related directly to poor housing and a 2008 report by the Charted Institute of Environmental Health estimated on average it costs £4993 to remedy excess cold issues per household.

The aim of this interdisciplinary (Health Economics/ Behavioural Psychology) PhD is:

  1. To review the literature on economic evidence of the cost effectiveness of preventing ill-health through housing improvements
  2. To review the behavioural psychology literature on income, fuel poverty/ heating costs and use of warm clothing
  3. Explore the cost impact of a suite of home improvements (e.g. ventilation)
  4. Explore the effect on health and behaviour change of a suite of home improvements (e.g. ventilation)

Field work for the PhD will take place across Ynys Mon & Gwynedd, and will build on the CHARISMA study previously undertaken in Wrexham, utilising established links between Bangor University (CHEME), Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (Respiratory Medicine), Public Health Wales, and Ynys Mon & Gwynedd Councils (Housing).

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