PrAISED: Promoting Independence, Activity and Stability in Early Dementia


NIHR Programme Grant for Applied Research

Collaborating Investigators/Institutions:

Professor Rowan Harwood, Nottingham University

Project Summary


To maintain independence, wellbeing and quality of life for people with early dementia, by promoting activity and reducing falls and their adverse consequences.


  • To develop an intervention designed to promote activity and independence and reduce falls, amongst people with early dementia or mild cognitive impairment
  • To study ways of promoting uptake and adherence to the intervention
  • To undertake a feasibility trial to test the intervention in practice, and prepare for a definitive multi-centred randomised controlled trial
  • To test the effectiveness of the intervention in a multi-site randomised controlled trial.
  • To undertake a process evaluation to study intervention delivery, context, facilitators and barriers
  • To prepare to undertake a health economic evaluation
  • To prepare for dissemination and implementation of findings from the programme